Services and Solutions

Jacombi provides high-quality consulting and training services in the field of software technology and project management. We specialise in web-based applications and iterative software development methods.

Project Management

We truly understand how to successfully execute software projects. We prefer iterative software development, which focuses on maximising return on investment, minimising risks and effective change management.

Software Design and Development

We offer software design and development services based on extensive experience, utilising various different technologies (see below for examples). We enjoy working in a supporting role together with your own experts or third party suppliers, helping to ensure that techical solutions are correct and that the project is executed in an optimal way.


We would be happy to help your personnel become software development and project management experts. We apply the same principles in training as we do in our other work: aiming to produce the maximum benefit to customers as effectively as possible. Because of this, we stress certain areas a bit less, such as history (though interesting in its own right), and focus on how things are best done today.


Our internal research allows us to keep up with the latest technical developments. However, we are typically quite conservative when it comes choices of technology on a customer project, preferring tested and proven solutions.

The choice of technology depends on the situation, considering e.g. the customer's existing systems, but below are some examples of technologies that are frequently used in our projects:

  • Java-based technologies, including Java EE

  • Various XML-based technologies

  • Relational databases and object-relational mapping

  • Accessible and easy-to-use web-based user interfaces

  • Various different open-source products and components

  • Middleware systems (both free and commercial) ranging from web and application servers to databases to search engines and single sign-on solutions