About Jacombi

Jacombi is an impartial expert organization that researches and develops faster and more efficient ways of producing IT services and solutions. We also use our expertise and experience in providing high-quality consulting and training services to our customers.

Our Goals

We aim to produce practical solutions that help our customers to achieve their goals in the most efficient way possible. At the same time, we hope to actually advance the much-discussed Information Society and make its benefits available to as many as possible.

Our Practices

We value simple, proven solutions. In fact, a significant part of our internal research and development focuses on analysing existing products and technologies and their effective utilisation. We want to give our customers informed advice with regard to choice of technology, and we have absolutely no interest in reinventing the wheel.

In project management we focus on speed and efficiency, risk management and quality control. Consequently, we promote agile and iterative software development and comprehensive automation of development and testing processes.